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Turning Photos into Posters with Posters2day

Have you had those pictures which you feel are too
valuable to just store in photo albums or put up as wallpaper in your computer? Why not enlarge these photos and turn it into a poster for you to decorate your room. You can even have an enlarged photo as giveaways on your upcoming annual reunion. But printing companies like Posters2day, who have proven reliable in delivering quality products and services, would generally provide you with some guidelines to consider if you are thinking of enlarging your photos into posters.

* Resolution

Resolution is defined as the amount of pixels or dots to display the image. Thus, if you have a higher resolution, you can expect a higher quality of print as well. It is recommended that image should have at least 300 dpi resolutions. Fortunately, majority of today's cameras have high resolution and so, there's no need for you to worry in terms of quality. However, you should be reminded that if a certain photo may look great on your screen, it doesn't necessarily translate that it would be also look good when printed unto posters. 

You may opt to edit your photos by utilizing image editing programs but some people get confuse screen resolution with print resolution. But to be sure you can let Posters2day check and examine your photo first as they are very willing to work with you to help you come up with your desired result.

* File size

it is preferable to have a larger image size if you want to achieve a premium quality poster. Ideally, you should have at least file size of about 1 MB if you are planning to enlarge it into an A1 size. You can find out the size of your photo on the computer by clicking its property details.

If you are curious of how an image would look like when it is enlarged, it is better that you don't attempt to do the enlarging and print them away. Just send the original photo and then, let the professionals do their jobs. You can check out www.posters2day.com to see the samples and displays they have provided for you. They made it even easier for you to enlarge your photo because you can just upload your photo and choose its width and length. You will also know how much your enlarged photo would cost you. Don't worry, it is certainly won't set you back a lot financially.

* Do not hesitate to inquire

if you are not an expert on technological terms and concepts, just admit it to yourself. You do not want to compromise the quality of your poster because you are unsure of what to do with it. Just ask the advice of the real professionals and leave it to them. Your job is to give them the specifics of what you want in the picture and request them that you see it before printing it out.

When enlarging a photo, have no doubts with Posters2day because they are the canvas specialist and they treat your photos the way it should be.

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Your favorite moments on camera, your travels, hobbies, friends and family. Your creative art talents. Now have them printed Poster size for your home or office.

The photo on the left is before Posters2day and the photo on the right side is after we enlarged it the correct way. There is more to the process than just enlarging the size as you can see here. Rest assured you will always receive your enlargements from Posters2day the correct way.

Enlarge your Photos to Posters 

Posters2day.com makes photo enlargements of your photos. The simple upload and order process let's you choose the poster size you want, and the paper it is printed on.

It's never been easier to turn holiday memories, special family occasions, or that stunning snapshot from your travels into beautiful poster size prints. Great for yourself or as gifts for others!

Ready to enjoy your photos larger than life ? Then Click the Enlarge my Photos button and lets begain. You will need to pick the size Poster and the type of paper you would like, and then just upload the phots you want printed to us. If you still have questions and would like some anwsers click here to contact us

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